Signs And Advertising in Nigeria


The London and Kano Trading Company. A woman in the red cloth wrapper walks past wearing stylish sunglasses. On the left, a solitary missionary walks up the sidewalk.


Mercedes trucks, or lorries, have been an essential mode of transportation in Nigeria for decades. My mother travelled on these roads every day, and witnessed hundreds of wrecks. Often, passengers riding on the back of the lorry were thrown from off and killed. The words Lagos -Iddo – Warri – Asaba indicate what cities this lorry travelled between.


Before they bought cars, my parents went around Nigeria on a Honda motorbike like this. I’m not sure if this was theirs or not.


A Pepsi sign in Nigeria in the 1960s. Being a California native, my mother probably must have found this hilarious.


A 7-up Sign along the road. The women underneath it carry wicker baskets on their heads, as is custom.


Three children drinking minerals, the Nigerian word for soda/pop. Getting sweet fizzy drinks like this would have been a real treat for them. Note the can of Maxwell House coffee on the counter in the background.